Going Public

It's been a really long time since I blogged (& didn't just micro blog via twitter or Facebook) but this is important to me. Perhaps it may someday be important to you too.

What if you knew of something quietly destroying the soul of the church and of God's Kingdom...what if you had been stung by its pain and shame and yet still stood by in silence, not wanting to embarrass yourself or be a nuisance or stand out from the crowd?

Would you ever be so cowardly or weak or vein or proud or foolish? I'm afraid I've been all of them...but I don't want to be that way any longer.

Essentially, here's my great problem: I was too proud to acknowledge that I needed help living for Christ. I thought I could hunker down and just be strong for God without transparency in my marriage or friendships. What a ridiculously foolish position!

Well, that day is done. And here's one of my first practical steps to walking with complete integrity in my heart and in my home and on the road: I just signed up for http://www.x3watch.com. I've got a group of guys that I have asked to hold me accountable to what I've committed and I am volunteering to my wife how my walk is going.

It's only a step, but for me it's a big one. It's going on my laptop, iPad and iPhone and on my kids iPod too.

And yes, I could get fall into lust issues "anywhere" these days...but I love my wife, my kids and my vocation. I want to be known as a guy who does all I can to protect those I love. I want to earn the trust of those I love most. I want to be know for having an undivided heart, a heart of integrity, a heart that is clearly set fully on surrendering daily to Christ.

I know this is only a step but it feels good in my soul. To do this proactively not because I got caught doing something I shouldn't. I'm doing this because I believe it's one way I can show my wife that I'm fighting to protect her heart. She is worth fighting for!

What step is God calling you to take toward having an undivided heart?


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