That's my theme for 2010. I have been praying about it since the new year and finally feel like I have it!

So, LISTEN! That's it! I don't know what God wants to say to me in this year, or where He wants to use me to listen to others, but I think this will be a good direction for me.

Listen...when God is speaking to me. my husband and respond to him accordingly. my kids when they want to talk or play. my body and quit when I'm full, get moving when I'm lazy, etc. others when they need mercy or encouragement. the voice of My LORD and DO NOT LISTEN to the voice of my enemy.

God, I'm listening. Speak to me!


Emeila said…
I came across your blog and that is an excellent theme to follow. A prayer was said for you. God bless you.

So beautifully written. How important for us to listen to our Lord, and to those we love.
Trisha said…
Thanks for your encouragement, ladies. I don't know you, but I'm happy you found me.

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