Welcome 2010

It's already the 5th day of 2010, and I'm finally ready to let go of Christmas break and move on into the New Year. For the past few years, I've asked God to give me a word or phrase to focus on for the year. In 2008 it was "JOY", and I have to say I got distracted from that theme an awful lot last year. Last year it was "Focus" and I didn't do well at that--at all! I got distracted again! I know, this is a sad commentary on me.

So, today I have started asking God for a focus for 2010. Just for my own benefit, and since no one reads this blog anymore, I'm going to write down some thoughts that have come to mind today as I've prayed and pondered.

Experiment (more than just a word, I'm wondering if there might be some kind of experiment God might use to teach me. I watched Julie and Julia the other night and was inspired by Julie's experiment to make all the recipes. She benefited from the rhythm and purpose she felt in working toward a goal. I think there is something to that. And this morning I saw a story about a woman who did a year-long experiment in living the life Oprah told her to--buy the stuff she recommended, do the things she suggested, watched her show every morning. It sounded like she ended up pretty un-impressed with following Oprah's plan. She has stopped watching her show except rarely. That's fodder for another blog post.)



Joy (maybe I need another shot at this???)

More later. That's a beginning anyway.


Cathy said…
I've been looking for a new blog from you a long time. I read it and may well be the only one, but I sure enjoy hearing about you, your family and life and wisdom you share. Happy New Year. It seems like everyone has gone to facebook, and I have an account, but really don't do much on facebook, so I was pleasantly surprised to see something new from you.
Trisha said…
Aww! Thanks for hanging in here with me, Cathy! I have mostly abandoned our blog for Facebook. But it's still fun to come back here and write whatever I want without worrying about all those people reading it:)

I hope your family is well. Love you!

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