Marriages Made in Heaven

A respected mentor of mine has said, "There are no marriages made in heaven." Which I take to mean that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. We are all human and with that comes flaws--and I get that.

But after reading Trisha's post from the other day, it got me to thinking. I know my wife isn't perfect--and we're both working on not expecting that from ourselves or each other. But on the other hand, here's my list of why Trisha is perfect for me...

She sees life from a totally different perspective. Yes, this leads to conflict. But I'm never bored with her. I'm actually fascinated by her in really surprising ways. For instance, why anyone would want to do crafts that involve glue, paint, small rolling thingees with young kids is shocking. Yes, they have a great time. But why would anyone want to deal with that mess? But that's my wife! And my kids adore her! The other night Elijah cried because we ran out of time to do a craft before bedtime. I love the way they love her -- living her life from a viewpoint miles away from mine.

Another reason Trisha is perfect for me is this: she's deep. She loves Jesus and struggles to know and understand God more every day. As crazy and silly as I can be, I love to know what's going on with her. I love to hear her pray. I love to read her notes to me--her words are heavy in my life! They reach deep into my heart. Especially when I've hurt her, it tears me up more than I can show. But at the end of the day, her depth of character and faith is like an anchor in the storms of life. God abides in her--and that is beautiful!

Trisha is perfect for me because she loves Jesus. This is why she pours so much into young children--she's serving the King! Last night was the end of Kingdom Kids Club--a teaching/worship time for kids that Trisha started and lead all year. It was a really big deal! The kids had been working on memorizing scripture and could make $1 per verse they learned. I had no idea what to expect--but I should have known. My son walked away with $21 & my younger daughter with $12. But more than making money--which was a fun way to encourage them--the last few days our car ride has been full of saying scriptures that they've learned by heart. Of course, I embellish with jingles and silly tunes--but we had fun getting God's word deep into our heart. And that's because my wife loves Jesus!

Other reasons my wife is perfect for me.....
her eyes are beautiful
her smile captivates me!
she loves me deeply.
she throws the world's best parties--and I LOVE to party:-)
she is patient
she is kind
she forgives...long before she's asked to
she is potty training a puppy
she is potty training our daughter!....simultaneously!
she is dedicated to doing good even if no one else encourages her to do so
she can make anything out of anything!
she is honest with me
she is an amazing leader and servant
she is creative and loves fresh ideas
she will tell me what she thinks
she likes for me to hold her
she makes the perfect cup of coffee (and unbelievable chocolate cakes!!)
she cares deeply about her neighbors
she gives generously
she is still growing as a follower of Jesus
she is a woman worthy of my respect and admiration!!

I know marriages aren't made in heaven! But I love my life with Trisha. I'm proud to be her husband and the father of her children! Thanks for being perfect for me sweetheart! bw


Jill said…
everything you said about Trisha is SO TRUE, and I love that you said it. Just wanted to say that I totally agree!
Jana said…
I haven't read a blog (or written on one) in ages--just now coming backto a fun and encouraging pasttime, so of course I had to check in on you.
I love this love letter to Trisha--she is indeed worthy of praise. You and Trisha are a great team, and you complement each other in beautiful ways. Amen! to all you have said about her; she is a treasure.

Love you guys!
Tina said…
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