Roots 1 (Things You Never Want to hear your Dentist say!)

A few years ago, after getting X-rays of my teeth, my Dentist said something to me that I'll never forget.

He held the x-ray up to his light and exclaimed, "Ben, never get a root canal!! You have the longest roots I have ever seen!" I nervously laughed and asked God to be merciful and spare me that fate.

Well, a few months ago I had some work done on my teeth and had a crack filled. Everything seemed to be fine--but a few weeks later I began to notice the filled tooth had a lot of sensitivity. So I went back into my new Dentist and he looked at what was going on and he delivered this message: you may need a root canal.

He couldn't know for sure, so I went back to see him today. After showing me the tooth, he advised we wait another month before we decide to do anything.

Soooo, I'm still begging God to spare me a root canal and hope that the nerves in my tooth mellow out!!


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