Alex and Abe

Today Alex brought home a book about Abe Lincoln for a project. As he read, he put the book down and said, "See? He IS just like me!" Of course I wondered what specific characteristic of old Abe struck such an emotional chord in my son. "He loved animals and would NEVER hurt them." (Bet you didn't know that!) Then Alex told that Abe had to kill a turkey once, but said he could never do it again. As he spoke, he actually got got teary and choked up. A few minutes later he told me that he walked across an ice pond (or something like that) just to rescue a dog. He was so impressed! Nevermind that he brought an end to slavery, etc. While my heart prays that Alex will love people's souls more than he loves dogs, I love his tender heart. And I guess Abe Lincoln isn't such a bad role model for him to admire!


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