Word for the Year

I ran across a blog that asked readers to share their "theme word" for the year. I realized that I have already been doing that for a few years now. In 2005-6 my theme was "believe". Then in 2007 it was Prov. 3:5-6 (not a word--a verse, I know). Last year it was "Joy".

As I reflect on these themes it's delightful to realize that God has grown me in these areas. Not to perfection, but I'm making progress.

So I've been praying about a theme God might want to grow in me this year and have finally settled on "FOCUS". For the last few years, I have felt scattered in my thinking. The woman who used to be able to sit down and make lists to complete projects and get things done--has been frozen! In light of the things God has been doing in our family in recent months and the many changes ahead for us, I'm praying that God will teach me to focus on what is important.

So if you were to consider a "theme" word or phrase or verse for 2009, what would it be? I'd love to know!


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