Yesterday I was determined to be SuperMom. I had read some blogs the night before that painted a picture of home and hearth, warm, cozy days spent nurturing precious children and creating beautiful memories along the way.

I want to create beautiful memories for my precious ones, so I decided yesterday would be the beginning. I'm sure I went about it all wrong, but I really didn't think my goals were too lofty--cookie baking, warm homemade bread to go with our fabulous Italian dinner. Creating fun moments of nurture.

So after preschool, the little ones and I began assembling the ingredients for "Choc-Oat Chip Cookies", a little healthy and a lot yummy. As I walked to the fridge to get the eggs, sweet Elijah decided to punch a hole through the top of the oats (still sealed shut). Crash! Down went the jar of alfredo sauce intended for dinner (I'd been so proactive to already have it by the stove!) Shards of glass and slimy sauce from one end of the kitchen to the other, covering stool legs, cabinets and appliances.

I began having terrible visions of the new puppy enjoying the yummy sauce, cutting her tongue and bleeding to death. "Elijah, grab the dog and contain her!" (a hard task for a 4-year old). "Olivia, out of the kitchen!" The next 20 minutes I spent scooping, sweeping, mopping, sweeping again, vacuuming the corners. Somewhere in there the big kids and Dad arrived. Elijah yelled, "Surprise! We have cookies!" Only what we had was a pile of glass and sauce and a half-finished batch of dough in the mixer.

By the time the cookies were finished and ready to enjoy, all my dreams of SuperMom-ness were shattered.

The moral of this story: Quit reading blogs written by SuperMoms. They must have something I don't have...or they're not telling the whole truth.


Cathy said…
The super mom part was not only the great intentions, but you took care of the kids and dog...got everyone out of the way and cleaned it all up with no major damage. There's too many moms who would have yelled at the kids for 20 min "before" cleaning up the mess and then met dad at the door, with "where are we going for dinner" You "are" a "SUPER" mom.
Mama Brown said…
Ha! This is a day in the life of a supermom! Ha! I'm sorry, but it made me laugh. My kids have been home the last two days because of the ice and today it's just not fun anymore! Everything I do gets undone about 5 minutes later!! Ugh! To be satisfied with the daily lofty goals of keeping my house from looking like a tornado hit it, doing the laundry, and feeding people! I can't seem to figure out how to "achieve" anything higher than this! :)
Trisha said…
I guess I should mention...there might have been a little "raised voice" moment in there. Not really yelling, but certainly not the picture of grace and gentleness...

Thank God for grace!
LeeAnn said…
This made me laugh and also believe it or not miss my life with four little ones...it really does go by too fast! As of Sunday I have a 20 YEAR OLD!!! Thank you for telling us you raised your voice a little...The joys of new puppies and little helpers.
Jana said…
You KNOW there are no SuperMoms. There is only Martha Stewart, and the last time I checked, she had no children--only a HUMONGOUS herb garden and a barnyard full of animals, and that ought to tell you something right there. Something is not right with her.

You are a wonderful, beautiful girl. A dynamite mama. A lovable and loving wife.

Who cares about a little sauce on the floor? You have all the things that really matter.
Rob said…
I've never sailed on the ocean but just the same, I've got this odd urge to draw upon some kind of seafaring metaphor...

(Maybe this is a clue that I should rethink fishsticks for dinner tomorrow?)

Anyway, it's easy to steer the boat in still waters. The skill comes with still steering the boat when choppy, turbulent waves are crashing all around. Ok, maybe dramatic, but still, it's true.

Pushing through the challenging times - like still getting dinner on the table even after half of it just splattered on the floor - is what SuperMoms (& Dads) do. You may have been a little too (understandably) flustered to feel it, but that's what grace is.

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