Last night we had a Pajama Party at church. We invited all our friends from Harvest Party for an evening of games, crafts, smores by the campfire, pictures with Santa and of course the Christmas story. We had "Family Fondue" with homemade cheese fondue and chocolate sauce (which Alex made) along with all sorts of finger/dipping foods. I had no idea what to expect (we had 1 RSVP), but planned for about 100-150 people. We think we had somewhere in the range of 200, and many of them were from the community.

Besides the marshmallows-on-the-carpet game disaster, my only regret was not planning enough time for us to actually do a pageant. I decided not to do our formal pageant this year and opted for the party because it seemed more visitor-friendly. That was certainly true, but I missed our kids dressing up and telling the story.

We did a little musical program during Sunday morning worship, which was sweet, and we were able to include about 15 first-time visitors in that since it wasn't a big, polished program. It's hard sometimes to discern what will be most effective in reaching people for Jesus. As I sat and watched those 15 new kids on our stage, singing along and trying to do the hand motions, it was worth the lack of polish. ALL those kids returned for the party last night, plus a bunch from the community.

Last night was my last official activity as the children's minister at New Life. I'm trying really hard not to be sad about that. I have enjoyed serving our church in that way and it's hard to imagine not being in the middle of everything at this time next year. I trust that the Lord has a plan that will be good for our family and for New Life.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling the post-event elation/analyzation/exhaustion feelings I always feel after a big "God-party" as Alex called it. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!!!


Jana said…
Your party sounds so GREAT! How wonderful that you had more come than you anticipated--as you always tell me, "That is SO like God."

You will have to tell me about the marshmallows/carpet game. I'm really hoping this wasn't your carpet you were talking about.

I know you miss the pageant--and even more, I know you probably feel like you let someone down by not preparing for that this year. You can only do so much, sister, even though me (and so many others) think you are not fatiguable.

Basically, what I am trying to say, is that it all sounds so good. I know the "ending" of all of this is bittersweet, but I'd like to think that the bitter is going to make this next phase so much sweeter.

It's all good, friend. I sure do love you.
Valerie said…
Ben & Trisha,
So glad I found you on facebook, but even better you posted your blog too! I love to see pictures of your beautiful family and hear what is going on in your life! I read your stories, remember your sweet spirits and miss you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! You are wonderful people!

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