How about a Wall/Wall ticket in 2036?

My kids have decided they would make a great team to run for President/Vice President. They will be eligible in 2036. The agenda they will push will be:

No killing.
No stealing.
Everyone needs to love Jesus.
No smoking.

That's it--simple, clear and bold. What do you think?

(Sorry--I know this is a mood shift from the last post, but we need some levity around here.)


Jana said…
Amen to levity.

Tell them they have my vote.

I'll be 69 years old then, probably retired, and very available to be their campaign manager or speechwriter; yes, I think I'd like to be their speechwriter. That would be fun.

I'll also hold up signs with their names, I'll attend rallies, I'll make phone calls, etc. Keep me in mind when the time comes.

Wall/Wall '36!!

Jana (Wall!) Anderson
Trisha said…
You would be the perfect speechwriter! And all those other things too! You're hired! (Of course their mama will want to manage their campaign!) Right now I'd like a time machine to zoom us right on up to '36!

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