I got a lump in my throat today when I walked out of my voting booth. Maybe because I feel tense about the outcome of this election.

Really though, I think I got emotional because I got to vote and it made me thankful to be an American. In some tiny little way, I have a voice in decisions that affect the entire world. I loved the democratic process.

So if you haven't already voted already, please go! And may the best man win!


Jana said…
I'm going to vote tomorrow at the United store that is closest to school, and Luke is going to go with me. He was my partner in the last election, and he still remembers the process and the "I Voted" sticker they gave me to wear when I was done.

Voting really is an amazing process, and one for which so many around the world have given their lives. Just the chance to have a voice, even for only a moment.

I taught Civil war stuff today, and will launch into the suffragist movement tomorrow--both were moved forward by the desire to be heard, and ultimately, to get the right to vote.

I've always been too casual about the whole process, but the older I get, the more moved I am by the experience.

I'm glad you've already cast your vote--I'll join you in spirit tomorrow!

I love you!

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