Hello out there!

I have been distracted by a 2-week headache that is finally gone tonight! Praise God!!! That and a new fascination with Facebook.

Anyway, I'm working on plans for the weekend and wondering about you, Jana A. Call or email me, friend!

Meanwhile, highlights of the last few days...
Elijah got new tennis shoes today. You would have thought I'd bought him a Mustang or something. I just love his enthusiasm for life. Most days I hear "Mom, this is the best day EVER!" for some fun reason--the discovery of caterpillars at the church or dad taking him outside to ride bikes or whatever. Love it!

Alex reading. He is a great reader, but not terribly motivated by the AR system at school. It is finally becoming clear to me that I have to get on him about this, so I told him he had to read at least 30 minutes today. He picked up "Nim's Island" and started reading. I had to let him stay up a few minutes past bedtime to finish the last few pages. I kept hearing laughter and comments about differences from the movie. It was fun to observe my big kid loving a good book!

Olivia threw up for a few hours last night. That wasn't fun, but it was sure sweet cuddling her in between. She's a preschool drop-out and I'm loving having her home to myself a few hours a week.

Katy and Alex and I spent an hour at the Christmas store a few days ago. They thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the season that's upon us! I love it!

Ben got to go to LA for a Dodger game last weekend. Spur of the moment fun for him to be with our dear friends. He needed something fun!


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