Yeah Linde!

What a blast we had in Tyler last week at Linde & Jeff's wedding! My first wedding preached at Glenwood--usually I sing a song--but the whole weekend was awesome! I'm so proud of Linde and was honored to be part of her special day.

God bless you guys!! Hope you are home safely from the honeymoon! bw

I love that Katy is looking up to women of God like Linde as she dreams about being a bride one day. Lord, may you be Katy's delight--and may You give her the desires of her heart!


Jana said…
Yeah! A new post! Even better--pictures!

I love that you got to go to Tyler, and even more, that you were able to bless this beautiful girl and her beloved. You are a poetic speaker, my friend, and I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Trisha: You keep looking younger and more beautiful. You make 40 look really fabulous.

Keep posting, you two!

Jana A.
Mama Brown said…
EXCUSE ME! But WHY didn't we know that you guys had a blog?? Ha! :)Love you and look forward to catching up more on your life now! And now I can stalk Jana too! :)
love you guys,
Cheryl said…
We got to see you again!!! :-)
Love you guys so much---

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