Too much stuff

That's our problem. We have WAY too much stuff. Today a friend came over to play with Katy while I was cleaning out my section of the garage. She said, "Wow, Miss Trisha, you have a lot of stuff. You should give some of it away. No, maybe you should give all of it away." So off Ben went to the local benevolence center we like, and they wouldn't even take it! I don't know why they didn't want my old high chair that has lovingly held 4 babies and all their spills and smeared baby food, oatmeal & spaghetti. It looked perfectly beautiful to me. (Please be proud of me for not keeping it just for the nostalgic value!) Or the rocking horse that was missing his handles. You could still hold onto his ears. What ever happened to creative problem solving? His departure did leave a nice big spot in the garage! Ben finally ended up at Goodwill with a load, but unfortunately we still have WAY too much. I have much more purging to do. And 11 boxes of clothes and stuff to tag for the consignment sale in 2 weeks.

Friend Jana, I found a treasure box of your parents' teaching stuff! How embarrassing that I still have it! Do they still have the same address as they did 5 years ago? I'm going to mail it next week (after I make copies of a few things that will be perfect for Kingdom Kids Club!)


Jana said…
Oh, Trisha. The owerwhelming weariness of too much stuff.

I can't even look in the garage because my blood pressure spikes at the sight of all the boxes and piles of sacks that need to be gone through, given away, or sold in the garage sale that I just can't make myself get excited about having.

I can't believe you sent your high chair away--the high chair that was so recently covered in red,soupy jello. I can't figure out what to do with my high chair, so believe it or not, it is still sitting at the kitchen table--never mind that no one has actually used it in at least a year or more. I guess I'm still holding on to some thread of hope.

As far as my folks go: same address for the last 30 years, so have confidence in mailing it. Or: you can bring it to me and I will take it to them. :-) My sneaky way of getting you to Lubbock.

Love your new blog template--don't have a clue about how to to that kind of thing, but I like what you did and the "scrapbooking" effect it creates. Very, very nice!

Miss you, sister. Keep blogging.
April Cogburn said…
If you are going to give away your children's clothes that your last two have outgrown, I know someone that would use them for their future children. (wink, wink) Who better to pass on your children's handmedowns than their loving cousin? If you want to sell them, I know of several children's thrift shops you could sell the clothes to.
Mama Brown said…
Go Trisha! You'll feel so great when it's all gone! You know...the houses in Como are much smaller....
Trisha said…
Thanks for your encouragement, everyone! I'm going to get it done. I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...

And April, please don't worry--I have 2 boxes for you already. You really don't want 11 more! I will certainly set aside anything precious for your babies! (Or yours, Jana! Or yours, Anda!)

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