Just us...

Well, while the rest of our extended family adventures all over the world (literally--Brazil, Canada, Paris, Greece, and so on...) here we are in Odessa, living a comparatively boring life. Ben's at Camp Bandina this week. The kids and I have been working on cleaning out bedrooms and setting aside toys and clothes to share with others. We enjoy swimming in our church pool just about every day. We have daily nap/reading time. We watch movies every night. Nothing earth-shattering. But we love to be home together.

My kids are really good at helping with the cleaning process, although I'm not sure they enjoy it. Today Katy said, "Mom, I need to tell you something. I don't really like obeying. I do it because I know that if I don't obey you will spank me, and I don't want a spanking. But I don't really like it." At least she's honest.

I told her that's the kind of obeying that pleases God the most--when we obey with a happy heart even when we don't want to. A good reminder for me today!

To be honest, we did get to go on a wonderful mission trip adventure to California to work with Ben's parents' church in Fillmore. We helped them get ready for their VBS--passing out invitations in the neighborhoods around the church and decorating. The VBS was a huge success, so we're thankful. More than that, though, we're thankful for our time with Ben's family. What a treasure they are!

So, as we pray for safety and blessings for all our adventurous family, we're loving being together, even at home in Odessa.


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