This is about your Awesomeness, Ben!

Dear Ben,
When I was a young girl I made a list of the qualities I would look for in a husband. Loves God, loyal, trustworthy, likes sports (yes, I'm serious), good with kids, "elder" material.

When I met you I knew you were him! But I could not have imagined what a great joy it would be to watch our children love and be loved by you.

You are an amazing dad. I love the way you love on our kids. You have an incredible combination of tenderness & fun & authority & great stories & gentleness & strength. You are the awesomest!

I love you, Trisha


Jana said…
Happy Father's Day (belatedly!) to you too, Ben!

I love that my friend Trisha married her soul-mate, and I'm glad that your marriage is such a happy one, and that from your precious union has come some of the most wonderful kids I know.

You are blesed!


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