This school year we have developed a little family tradition of giving our highs and lows of each day on the way home from school. What amazes me is that many days, Alex and Katy can't think of any lows, and often the whole day was a high. (Elijah and Olivia aren't quite able to articulate their feelings that specifically yet. "Today I had fun playing soccer" is about as deep as we go.)

Very seldom do we ever get around to asking what Mom's highs and lows were, and it's probably a good thing. Lately I have not seen the joy in my life very clearly--I've been in what baseball (to use the previous posts theme) would call a slump. I could make a very long list of lows and struggle to list a high. But I believe that life in Christ is really supposed to be full of joy, regardless of circumstance.

So today I am choosing joy.

Today's Highs:
*a 2nd grade teacher (not Alex's) telling me that she has never seen Alex without a smile--what a great reputation he's earning!
*seeing the proud face of Tommy, a new believer in our church who spent the day scraping floors in our poolhouse--a job that desperately needed to be done to prepare for summer (and a wedding on June 2!)
*hearing Elijah's sweet gratitude for a Brazilian keychain brought to him by a sweet couple visiting from that country
*meeting Carlos & Amelia, the Brazilian couple who have known my parents for years--and brought personal gifts to every single one their kids and grandkids! What a gracious couple!
*visiting with my aunts, who are just great ladies!
*hearing the highs of each of my kids--winning in Dodgeball, having lots of time with our family, playing, delightful (and very wet) raspberries in my face

How about you? What are your highs?


Jana said…

I love it when a blog rings with authenticity--when someone can say, "Life in Christ is joy" even though today was flat out crummy. If a person can't relate to that sentiment, he/she is not being truthful.

I am not at all surprised to hear that your children think about happy things as they reflect on their days. Each one is a bright light, and their goodness radiates from them. They reflect what they live with, so sister, you are doing it right, even on the days you consider less than stellar!

I hope your bat is cracking again soon (to extend your baseball metaphor)--and remember, even those players experiencing a slump have a whole crowd of fans cheering for them. You know I'm clapping LOUD for you--and always will be.

Love you, friend. You bring ME joy!

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