Jim Parker Little League Champs

Today's high: Alex's team won the league championship--7-3. Alex got two great hits, the first of which ended up being a 2-run "homer" as can only happen in 8-year old baseball. (It was a really solid hit, but anything that goes into the outfield tends to get thrown around all over creation.) The second was just as sweet--high over second base and dropped in beautifully. He scored then too. It was 102 degrees outside, and Alex played tough in his full catcher's gear, sun blaring into his face. I really love watching my son play baseball.

A second highlight--When I was putting Elijah to bed, I told him only 3 days left for Alex and Katy to be on summer vacation (a high in itself!), and he said in his most enthusiastic way, "WOW, Mom! That's where Bwyson and Cason and Miss Maurice and Mr. Wave are going!"

I love my kids! (I also love my friends Bryson, Cason, Cherise and Wade.--T)


Jana said…
I love your description of the baseball game, especially your note about what goes on in the outfield. (Or in our games, what DOESN'T go on out there.) Congrats to Alex on his great championship game and season--I'm not surprised that he is a great competitor.

And a high five to all of you on the fact that all the kiddos are about to be home for the summer. LOVE IT!!!!!

Love you guys! (Come to Lubbock! Come to Lubbock! :-))
Procters said…
We love the Wall Family!!! We can hardly wait to be on summer vacation with you!

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