My kids

They are just so funny! I don't have much to say, but I can't stand the fact that our blog sits dormant. So I'll indulge...

Alex's newest purchase (actually by daddy): A cup. He is being groomed to be the catcher for his baseball team. He tried it on, then asked Katy to punch him as hard as she could (which she did happily). "See? I can't feel a thing." Oh my.

Olivia's discovery of the week: Her VERY LOUD voice. She spent most of Alex's first game yesterday yelling at him (whom she could see easily as the catcher:), "ALEX!!!" and alternately yelling "DADA!!!" each time Daddy was visible in the dugout.
Elijah's favorite thing to say: "I QUIT!!!" He has a bit of a temper.

Katy's Amelia Bedelia moment today: She was explaining why Jenny wasn't in the class picture. "She wasn't at school that day because her eye was pink."


Jana said…
Your kids are great!

Who knew about the cup thing? Growing up with sisters, this is going to be new territory for me.

Keep the posts coming! I love to hear what's going on with your family!

Love to the super 6,
Procters said…
I so love your kids!

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