Baseball game

Tonight Alex had a very exciting baseball game--close, but we ended up on the winning side! So fun! In the middle of it, Elijah had to go potty. I have a strong aversion to public restrooms--especially the ones at our baseball park, it was almost Alex's turn to bat and the bathroom is too far away to see the game, and he really wanted to go in the grass. So I let him. No big deal, no one noticed (even though his shiny little hiney was in plain view of anyone passing by on the street), and I didn't have to miss the game.

A bit later, a wild weather system blew in and things got a little crazy. Olivia started spinning in circles and giggling every time she felt the wind gust (I know, kinda weird), and Katy went to the car. Right in the middle of a huge play, Katy came to me and said she needed to go potty. I let her go by herself, something I would never do in my right mind, but I was stressed about what was happening on the field and I just nodded my head. As soon as it was over, I left the little ones with Grandma and went to make sure Katy hadn't been abducted. There she came from the wrong direction, walking toward me from behind the same tree Elijah had used. I said, "Wow! How did you get back from the bathroom so fast?" You guessed it--she just went behind the tree. That's my little princess! I won't go into any more detail about exactly how she accomplished the feat...


Jana said…
Ha! Don't you just love it?!

My own princess has her own potty issues. We're semi-trying to get her potty trained, but one obstacle in the path to success is that she doesn't want to sit on the potty. Having seen her brother too many times, she too wants to stand. Facing the potty. Waiting.

Always nothing.

Always followed by a mini-lecture about how girls sit on the potty, etc.

You just have to laugh!

Love you!

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