MOG's & WOG's

I love the moments in my kids lives where I get to affirm their passage from being child to becoming an adult. Nowhere is this so clear to me as when they lose a baby tooth and an "adult" tooth starts to break into the gap between their teeth. I love telling Alex, and now Katy, how great it is to watch them become a MOG (man of God) & a WOG (woman of God). I love watching them beam a snaggle-tooth grin knowing that God will bring beautiful order out of this painful, messy, slow-moving process! It kind of gives me hope that God's not done with me either!


Jana said…
That is a really good metaphor. I had never thought about the whole tooth-losing, tooth-emerging process as a metaphor for God's renewing process in our spiritual ives.

I'll remember that when I am trying to help Luke pull out his wiggly tooth, which is a process that completely grosses me out.

BTW, this is a great picture of Katy. She is a beautiful girl, in every way--even with emerging teeth! :-)

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