Life, with us

Have you ever noticed that the things that put life in your lungs, are the things that often are closest to the heart of God? This picture just puts air in my lungs because of God's closeness!

Olivia is just warming up to the camera. Elijah is over the top with joy. Katy is sweet, but playing coy. Alex is like, are we done yet?

This picture was taken at our annual Christmas pageant, but it reminds me that where God is, there is life. God's heart is like mine in this moment, "look at these great kids!! Aren't they just a blast!!" I think He's just getting a kick out of the work He's begun in them and I'm just so thankful to be close to it.


Jana said…
I love this picture!

These 4 children are so beautiful, so happy, and so blessed to be raised in the Wall family. They have two of the very best parents I know; God is enjoying and delighting in them, too!


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