Well-spring of joy

So what encourages your heart when your discouraged, fearful, or sad? I'm not a Doctor, but my family is the best God-given therapy I've got, a virtual well-spring of joy in my life.

They're laughter and exuberance completely floods my heart with joy. Olivia's laugh when she gets a "zurbert". Elijah's scream & hug when I walk in from the office. Katy's sweet, "I love you daddy" at random moments throughout the day. Alex's big tackles whenever he can catch me off guard (one of these days he just may destroy me with one of those!). Trisha's sweet smile and warm embraces--how could I ask for more?

Lord, thank you for the gift of people in my life. Thank you for friends far and near. Make the people in our lives like a well-spring of joy. May we see Jesus in them as we are refreshed by their presence. Amen!


Cheryl said…
I LOVE that picture of all four kiddos together!!! How beautiful they are... We miss you guys so much!
Jana said…
Yeah! You've posted again!

You are absolutely a blessed man--all of your children are beautiful inside and out.

I loved your tribute to them here and to Trisha on the Brown's site. Trisha is practically perfect in every way--and she isn't prideful about being a person with SO many gifts. The two of you make a great partnership and team, and I'm glad I get to stand on the sidelines and cheer for you!

Give Trisha and the fabulous foursome a big hug from us.

Love ALL of you!
Jana Anderson

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