Joining Connor--at the house

My brother-in-law Tod was speaking to some graduates recently. At the end of his speech he described what happens after a typical church event where there were 4 cars for 6 people. They huddle up, make their plan and then said, "See you at the house."

Since the commencement ceremony was a similar "huddle" before sending everyone away--he encouraged the HS grads by sharing this story and then saying to them, "See you at the house" at the close of his speech.

As I left for work yesterday, my son Alex, smiled and said, "See you at the house."

This morning, I read a passage from Psalm 84: "Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you."

This morning, I'm going to join Connor in the praise of the King of kings. This morning I'm going to sing with a voice that still gets choked up in sorrow. I'm going to sing "Blessed be Your name" even when no one else can hear it.

Lord, lift us from our sadness. Draw us in Your tenderness and mercy. Comfort the hurting. Protect the weak. Restore the fallen. Renew the broken. Hear my cry for help. Redeem my tears. Don't turn away now, not when I need You most. Please Lord, who have I in heaven but You? Selah


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