Please Pray

Kaleb Higdin is a yong man that's been coming to our Wednesday night devotional we call "Oasis" this past year. He's a normal kid. Loves football (requisite in Odessa, TX) paintball, ty-kwan-do (so shoot me for the mis-spelling:-) and playing video games. He's fun to be with. He's always got a story. In a word, he's loveable. He's got lots of friends. He comes from a neat family.

He was at school yesterday morning trying to finish his finals when he was brutally interrupted. He was told that his oldest brother, Chris, who was fighting in Iraq, was killed. Apparently, his vehicle ran over an explosive device killing Chris (who was driving), a co-pilate and nearly killing a 3rd soldier. The third soldier lost a leg.

When I found out, the news made my gut wrench. Two families that I know and love lost a son within a few days of each other. My heart breaks for them.

If you're reading this blog, would you pray for them today? Ask God to bring them comfort and to be near them! I'll be seeing Kaleb again today, hoping to just "be there" with him.

Thanks for your prayers.


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