Favorite TV Shows

What's your favorite TV show these days?

I've got a couple. American Idol & Survivor--and Survivor just about drives me off the deep end every few seasons. Don't get me wrong, I love the show--but the good guy doesn't win enough.

This season was particularly troublesome. A Christian betrayed his word--and tried to hide behind the lie that "Survivor is just a game". The guy, "Dreamz", was given a $60,000 gift in exchange for a vote. And then he went back on his word but claimed to just be playing the game. No one believed him. The entire jury gave the winner the first unanimous decision ever in the show's history.

I have all kinds of things that I could say about how angry I am at this injustice. Then, I think a little deeper. How amazing Jesus is to still embrace me when I betray him and hide behind my weak excuses.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy. Help me give it as freely to others as you give it to me!


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