American Idol

I knew Jordin would win. She has an incredible voice--but the best singer didn't win American Idol--again.

Melinda Doolittle is the best singer of this year's class. I'm guessing she didn't have enough of the teen vote--but where can I find the demographic of who votes for the singers? Last year it was Chris Daughtry that was the man--but didn't win the title. Disagree? How else to explain that his album sold 3x as many copies as last year's winner. Carrie Underwood was the real deal and actually put it all together two seasons ago--although she was more of a singer than performer.

Oh well. My favorite was Blake. He had such a playful spirit and was fun to watch. Granted, the beat boxing could get overplayed, but I think he rocked it. I'll be curious to see what kind of album he makes and who he gets to join him. He's obviously got some seriously untapped connections with Hip-Hop-- and he could make Hip-Hop more mainstream.

So now that Idol & Survivor have run their course, what else is there? Oh yeah, I think I need to read a book to restore some of the brain cells I lost from watching my favorite shows this spring!


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