Love, Bert

Trisha and I had what many have called a "whirlwind" romance. We met on May 18 and got married December 28. We then began a new ministry in Tyler, TX on Feb 1, 1996.

Being new to Tyler and romantic Valentine ideas, I leaned on the experience of several new friends--Danny Snell, Tim Henderson and Steve Arnold--longtime Youth Ministers and Tyler residents. They suggested a lunch together at a quaint, antique shop and buffet. If you know those guys, I should have known better:-).

Being an extroverted, ready-for-a-party person, I thought it would be fun. But my introverted, lets-stay-home-and-relax wife did not. So the lunch idea went from bad to worse. The ambience was lacking. The food was mediocre. And the "singing telegram" was not my cup of tea.

But after the singers sang their songs, they passed out a flower and a card to each of our wives. The message inside of the card we had to fax a few days prior to this group. But when Trisha opened up the card, she read, "I love you sweetheart. Happy Valentines day. Love, Bert"

"Who is Bert?" In the moment, it was funny to everyone except Trisha. Now, 10 years later, I'm trying to figure out how to love my wife a little better -- but on Valentines day, I sign my cards with the now humorous line, "love, Bert."

Got any funny stories you'd like to share about romance gone bad? I'd love to hear them! bw


Andy said…
Dude, great story!

Andy said…

That's an awesome story.


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