To Kill a Mouse

While I was away to Nashville for a Youth Ministers conference last week, my wife discovered that we have a mouse living in our house (note to self--not a good time to be gone!). When I got home, several of our dearest friends, Josh G. & Jarrod H., arrived and spent a few nights with us--with new traps set out all over the place. But we saw no mouse.

So last night, after a full Sunday, we were getting in our bed and Trisha saw the mouse--in our room! So I gathered stuff in piles and we decided to trap the mouse somehow. I pulled out my mallet--my putter which had a nice big, heavy head that I had mostly whined about until now when it was finally helpful.

I managed to chase the mice from one corner of the room to the other--and back and forth--several times. After the 3rd time I thought about calling him Vince (in honor of my nemisis from the BCS championship game) --but I didn't until now. Finally, we made a trap in the corner and I grabbed a towel to throw over him, scoop him up and toss him outside.

Well, we got him into the corner. I threw the towel on him but in the mayhem (I don't know how to do this calmly) I could not tell if I had caught him or not. So what would you do if you're not really sure you caught the stinkin' mouse? Of course, I looked in the towel (Note to readers: if you try this someday, take the balled up towel outside first--then check) and out he jumped again!! My heart jumped out of my mouth! This time, he ran underneath the treadmill and up inside the machine (I think--even after turning it on he did not come out and he somehow "disappeared").

After going to the store to get some mouse traps--and setting them out with peanut butter--we crashed having failed to catch that little varment. So today I'm angry and grouchy!

So do any of you guys have a suggestion for catching a mouse?


Bob said…

Years ago we were staying in a friend's pop-up trailer in Colorado and mice were having a ball every night. The only traps we could find in Leadville resembled little La Brea tar pits - a flat container of bait and super sticky stuff. Sure enough, during the night we stopped hearing the patter of little feet and began hearing a scuffling sound. They would get one or two feet stuck, then would push the little tray around like a skateboard. Then came the real problem - what do you do with a lively mouse stuck in a tar pit?
Anonymous said…
Well, when a varmit invades our home, here's what I do...1. I scream outloud. 2. I grumble under my breath, "HOW did that thing get in here?!?!? 3. I holler, "JEFF!" 4. I leave the room until Jeff produces a dead varrmit body.(which he always tries to show me but I never look.)
I'm not sure if this method will work for you but it is really pretty effective in our home.:-)
Happy hunting!

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