NCYM 2006

I'm in Nashville tonight with about 400 other Youth Workers at the "National Conference on Youth Ministry". It's been more fun this year than ever before--and here's why: I've already seen about 20 guys who I love and are friends.

Plus, I've met a bunch of guys at our "YouthWAVE" booth that have heard about the camp through various friends. The guys who I'm talking with this year are listening differently. They are intrigued about what we're taking aim at and walk away excited about the idea of helping students know Jesus and making Him known.

Since they banned our ability to bake cookies, we're trying a new idea. We've created an "Oasis" room for the conference in our room with lots of soft drinks and munchies. Tonight we had a few guys drop by and had a great conversation with a guy on staff at York College who wants to train his first year students in the fall before they do spring break campaigns in the spring. Can you imagine that?


Trisha said…
I sure miss you, but I'm glad you're having fun and having good conversations. That was what I've prayed for. The kids just pray that your plane won't crash and you'll be safe.

We love you immensely!

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