When God Redeems Wal-Mart

The Odessa Wal-Mart is the busiest store in North America. I wish I was joking. It may have some good deals occasionally, but I try to stay away from the place.

However, I went there this afternoon as a favor to Trisha. We needed a space heater for a project in the garage (it's about 27 degrees right now!).

Anyway, checking out of there was brutal. I couldn't pick a line that was moving--you know the drill. So I stewed. I don't think I thought of one good thought. I just got more frustrated by the minute. I am proud of myself in that I was nice to the cashier--bless her heart.

Finally I got outside and was dashing to my car...when I spotted someone I knew. Right on my path walked Blair (a gal who came on our student retreat last month). If I had come out 5 seconds earlier or later, we would have missed each other. But we didn't. And we visited for a few minutes.

Pray for Blair. She graduates this year and has some difficult decisions to make about college, friends and future work. I got to listen, encourage her and in giving encouragement received much more in return. By the time I got back to the car, I was thanking God for delays and long lines--just one more reminder that God can redeem anything--even a trip to Wal-Mart.

What do you wish God would redeem in your life?


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