Pray for Johnathan

Last night at "Oasis" (our student devotional that meets each Wed night) we had a kid named Johnathan attend for the 2nd time. I don't know a lot about his home life except that his dad is not in the picture and if he can get to church it's always with friends. He has two brothers, one who is trying to make good choices, the other who is constantly in fights and disrespectful to everyone he meets.

Johnathan is the fence-walker. He's a super kid, funny, perceptive, likeable -- but he had gotten into trouble at school for getting in a fight. I know this because one of my volunteers came to Oasis last night and we all got to talk together.

I was very direct with Johnathan about the choices that he's facing--but tried to couch every warning in the firm belief that he's got a great future ahead of him if he stays in school and keeps growing in Christ. Although I said some tough things to him, his response to our talk was that he shared his life's dream with us. He said he wants to be a Doctor someday.

So we poured on encouragement and identified some "next step" actions for him. He left my house encouraged, loved and challenged. He now has a coach on campus that's looking out for him. It's like he gained two dad's last night--which is what he needs so badly. Would you join me in praying for this young man?


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