The Power of Invitations

It's surprising to me that a) most non-christians said they would like to be invited to church but b) had not been invited recently.

Before we launched our public worship services on September 11, we sent out postcards to 20,000 people the 4 weeks preceding the launch. The response amazed us all.

We had over 100 people show up from the community to "come and see" this new church. My new friend Jay said he came because he wanted to see how serious we were about "come as you are." When he came back the 2nd week, he was shocked by how many people knew his name. Jay has come to New Life looking to get reconnected to God. He's going through a lot right now--but would you take a moment and ask God to bring healing to his life and marriage?

Now, will you ask God who you might invite to your house for a meal, small group or gathering with friends?


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