One Stinkin' Shoe

Trisha went to Austin for the birth of her sister's first child leaving the kids with me. This will be fun I thought to myself. I just need wake up early and we'll have a great adventure.

At the start, things were going great. At 7am, I was totally dressed and ready to start the kids' morning thaw. By 7:15 we were all in my bed for our ritual "snuggle buggle" having a great time. Kids were rested and happy. I was early and ready for the day. As they started getting their clothes on I noticed that one of Alex's new shoes was missing. No biggie I thought, I'll find it under a blanket or bed.

7:30am: My baby boy is now awake and ascerting his need for milk, food and my attention (kind of an "only the arms will do" moment). But now my search has spilled into the living room, kitchen, and my room. I grab some milk for baby and put him down. The siren song begins.
7:35am: Start the car--it's 7 degrees outside. I've never been in such cold weather!! I'm confident that I'm close to finding that stinkin' shoe.

7:45am: This is my deadline for being in the car, usually. I'm still dredging the house for a stinkin' shoe. My baby boy is happy when I'm holding him--crying when his feet touch the ground.

8am: I'm still calm. I sit down with kids and we brainstorm crazy places that a shoe might hide itself. My oldest son looks under the Christmas tree and tree skirt. Way to go son I say! We'll find it any moment, surely.

8:05: I'm back in front of the shoe cubbies -- and there's a shoe! But it's an old shoe -- and wouldn't you know, there's only one in the cubby!

8:10: Any semblance of positive attitude is out the window. My anger is feeling volcanic. Where is that stinkin' shoe???!!! Lots of prayers going up--"Please Lord, have mercy..."

8:12: I'm diggin through a box of toys that need to be put away -- and I find the 2nd old shoe (1 size too small I'm sure). Still, it's a shoe. There's a set. Now the reality that we're going to be 20 minutes late fully sets in.

8:14: The 3 kids and I are racing out to the car (thankfully, it's very warm now) and my daughter pipes up in her sweet "Cindy Loo Whoo" voice -- "Daddy, where's my breakfast." Frantically, I stuff them in the car. Dash for the granola bars and some milk.

8:15: We're off to school. For the next 15 minutes, I beg them to be my "attitude coaches". Attitude check -- "Praise the Lord!" We say this again and again until we begin laughing about the morning. Oh Lord, my heart feels so torn this morning over a stinkin' shoe. Would you recreate in me a right spirit! (And please Lord, bring that lost shoe out of hiding!). tbc....


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