New Life--WooHoo!!

My father-in-law has a fun tradition that he started as his children began to get married. He put up Christmas stockings with their names and spouses names on the 2nd story railing (with 6 kids--that's a lot of railing!).

As each Christmas came around, he would call the wives and ask if there were any additional stockings needed (a.k.a.-- are you pregnant in a fun, tactful way) for the railing. As we struggled with infertility for a few years, this call reminded us of our grief over not being able to have kids. But when we had Alex & Katy, we celebrated the stockings with deep joy! When we lost our 3rd child, Hope Victoria, we wept over not being able to put her stocking on the railing. But our mourning tourned to dancing as we saw Elijah born into our family.

After many years in the family making business, there are 21 stockings for all the grandkids in the family (talk about needing more railing!).

In August, we moved to Odessa, TX to be part of a church plant called the "New Life" church. Since we're in the business of multiplying disciples, we just want to declare that we are taking our part seriously! We are expecting another baby at the end of summer and covet your prayers for the health and safety of Trisha and our baby.

We hope you have had a great Christmas and that the God who calls us to be "fruitful and multiply" will bless you and your family in beautiful ways. Thanks for visiting my blog! bw


Greg said…
What?!? Another Wall on the planet? Hallelujah! That's great news - your "East Texas family" will proudly rejoice with you guys!
grace and peace,
Cheryl said…
WOO-HOO indeed!!!!!! You guys!!!!!! Yeah! I will so be praying for you all. How is Trisha feeling?!?!?!?
hotdogboy said…
ben... you are supposed to be working up there!
congradulations and may God bless your NEW LIFE.
looking forward to seeing you in nashville... maybe we can eat a hotdog with those cookies...
Anonymous said…
Ben and Trish:
Congrats on #4!!!
Great to see your faces. Jana and I have been, and will continue to pray for you guys out there in W.TX.
Keep the faith, keep the love, keep inspiring.
Luke said…
Ben and Trish...CONGRATULATIONS! I can think of no better couple to fulfill the Great Commision in such a specific way than you two. We love you.

Luke and Donna

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